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Stellar Restoration has years of experience in storm damage restoration services, insurance loss, and disaster recovery planning. This experience and insight is the basis of our StellarCareSM Program. StellarCare members receive yearly inspections, proactive cleanings, 24/7 monitoring and priority response, extended warranties, and documentation to help reduce the financial impact of a disaster to their business.

StellarCare℠ is comprised of a 5-point action plan designed to work in conjunction with on-site emergency procedures. This comprehensive program will improve your chances of a full recovery through proactive measures and a rapid response model to restore damaged roof systems and related building components.

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stellarcare thumbLearn about StellarCare - a proactive, monitoring and rapid response program provided by Stellar Restoration.


The StellarCare℠ 5-Point Action Plan


      • Inspection of the entire roof and building for hail and wind damage. Includes damage that may have resulted from foreign objects or from human activity.
      • Inspection of exposed fasteners and roof penetrations to verify that rubber gaskets, sealants, and neoprene boots are in good working condition.
      • Inspection of all sheet metal flashings, counter-flashings, roof curbs, copings, gutters, and downspouts to verify that they are firmly attached and sealed.

    Inspection report, including photos, that details the current roof condition, evidence of hail and wind damage, and any issues that could potentially lead to problems. This is a vital tool in documenting the pre-loss condition of your building in the event of a disaster.

      • Annual roof clean-up that includes removing debris and trash from roof, gutters, and drains. This clean-up promotes an unrestricted flow of water, allowing your roof to function as intended and limit the possibility of leaks when disaster strikes.
      • When maintenance and repair work is required beyond the scope of annual roof clean-up, a detailed estimate will be provided for consideration.

    StellarCare℠ client properties are actively monitored in our database, 24/7, for weather-related events capable of damaging property. In the event of a weather-related disaster, Stellar Restoration will deploy a mitigation and restoration team to your facility.

      • Rapid response to inspect for weather-related damages following an event, provide emergency repair and mitigation, and advise on damage control.
      • Provide a structured recovery process to restore your facility to pre-loss condition, including a written scope within 24 hours of site visit and execution of a Restoration Services Agreement.
      • StellarCare℠ clients receive priority response for area-wide disasters (catastrophes). Our team is standing by to work for you and to present storm related damages to your insurance carrier.
      • StellarCare℠ customers receive an automatic 5-year extended warranty on roof replacements handled by Stellar Restoration.
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